Abia Assembly Deputy Speaker Salutes Muslim Faithful.


Bismillah Rahman Rahim.

This is to felicitate with all Muslim faithful in Abia State and Nigeria at large on this year’s Eid El Maulud, in commemoration of the birth of Prophet Mohammad (Mawlid al-Nabi).

A reflective period this is and also calls for sober reflection in this period of Nigeria’s socio-political history.

Prophet Mohammad preached love and tolerance and thus, must be the flagship of humanity, devoid of religious bias or tilt.

May we all remember this saying in Hadith Al-qudsiy: “Know Me before you worship Me. If you do not know Me, how would you worship Me?”

Once we allow ourselves to be guided by the above, the commemoration of the birth of Prophet Mohammad would make better sense to us and our State, Abia, and Nigeria at large shall be a better place for us all.

If indeed we know Allah, our lives shall be filled with peace.

Salaam Alaikum.

Rt Hon Augustine Okezie
Deputy Speaker
Abia State House of Assembly.


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