As Abia celebrates the 32 years of it’s creation, it is necessary, germane and pertinent we reminisce on the journey thus far and reflect on those chords of unity, knitted by our founding fathers that nurtured the dream as we ask ourselves if we have done well or otherwise.

The journey, truth be told has not been rosy, neither has it been as torturous as some might dare to opine, but a continuous work in progress, with the belief that in times as these, we can only but hope that it will be most beneficial if in all intents and purposes, our hands are joined together in the plough and collectively trudge forward, pulling our energies and intellect together in a spring of synergy, to fertilize out aspirations for a greater and habitable Abia, where we can make bold to call home.

While it is natural to disagree, even offsprings from the same loins do, it must not be to the death because posterity shall be most unkind to us if we toe that ignominious path.

The Governor Alex Otti administration has come witha new zest, vigour and reassurance that help has come and we as a people cannot but give him a chance to bring bare the birth of a new State where peace reigns and development thrives.

Our desires are same: where education shall be qualitative, healthcare delivery not seen as rocket science, workers’ take home pay can actually take them home, infrastructure decent and genuine bragging rights of the citizenry, productive and enviable workforce and the State not seen as ‘theirs’ but ‘ours’, where the political class is not seen as the enemies of the governed and security of lives and property adequately guaranteed.

Moreso, desirous of a State where the Three Arms of Government are guaranteed of their independence, not just in principle but in deed and practice, can all be part of why we are in a Democracy. In all, synergy is apt and unity of purpose is key.

With God, we can make all the above work. This is the real audacity of renaissance, hope and belief.

May Abia be indeed ours. May Abia work for the greater good. May the heavens say Amen.

Rt Hon Augustine Okezie
Deputy Speaker
Abia State House of Assembly.


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