Abia State Procedure for Disclosure of Public Information Bill, 2024 passes Presentation and First Reading… Proliferation of illegal sewage disposal sites recieve Legislative Attention


The Abia State House of Assembly has heard the Presentation and First Reading of H.A.B 14, The Abia State Procedure for Disclosure of Public Information Bill, 2024.

News Admiral gathered, Tuesday, that same Bill, sponsored by the Majority Leader, Hon. Okoro Uchenna Kalu is a Bill for a Law to Provide for the Procedure for Disclosure of Public Information and for other matters connected therewith.

Also during Plenary, a Matter of Urgent Public Importance on the proliferation of illegal sewage disposal sites, poor management practices by Rikez Sewage Disposal Company located at Asa Umuakwa Ugwunagbo Local Government Area was presented by Hon Chijioke Uruakpa, Member, Ugwunagbo State Constituency.

Highlighting on dangers posed by the illegal sewage disposal sites include the uninhabitable nature of the community and it’s environs, heavy contribution to environmental pollution and spread of communicable diseases such as cholera, typhoid and the refusal of the wastepreneur to adapt to modern effective waste management measures.

Among the relief sought by Hon Uruakpa include the Abia State Government to step in urgently and scrutinize the activities of the said Rikez Sewage Disposal Company and possibly seal same to avoid further health hazards, mandate the Abia State House of Assembly to come up with appropriate legislation that will serve as a Government regulatory framework for the establishment of sewage disposal dumps in Abia State according to modern standard and also mandate the Ministry of Health to review the approval documents of the Sewage Disposal Companies operating in the State and prosecute erring ones.

All the relief sought by Hon Uruakpa were granted following contributions by Members present during the Session.


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