“Change of Baton of Governance in Abia influenced the Tempo of the 8th Assembly initially…so far so good” Abia Deputy Speaker states.


The Deputy Speaker, Abia State House of Assembly, Rt Hon Augustine Okezie has described as “so far so good” the first year life span of the 8th Abia Assembly as expected initial challenges were smoothly surmounted.

Rt Hon Augustine Okezie, in a chitchat with select journalists to mark the first one year anniversary of the 8th Abia Legislature hinted that the change of baton of governance in Abia State influenced the tempo of the 8th Assembly at its initial stages but the dawn of reality restored calmness afterwards, hence the convivial flow of legislative activities.

The Deputy Speaker, who also doubles as the House Committee Chairman on Media and Publicity hinted that this far, 15 Bills have been entertained, 5 Laws passed, 40 Resolutions made, 55 Motions treated with 46 Petitions recieved.

The relationship between the Legislative Arm and other Arms of Government, Rt Hon Augustine Okezie said, has been cordial as areas of differences have been handled with utmost maturity, putting Abia people’s interest in the front burner.

On Oversight, Rt Hon Okezie said the various House Committees have been up and doing, highlighting Committees on Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, chaired by Hon Chinasa Anthony, Works Committee led by Hon Isienyi Boniface among others as doing due diligence to oversight functions.

The Greater Aba Development Authority Law, which seeks to elevate the status of the Aba Metropolis with the intent of placing the entrepreneurial ingenuity of the area in proper perspective, the Abia State Governors and Deputy Governors Pensions (Repeal) Law, which put paid the pensionable status of former Governors and their Deputies and the Abia State Medicines and Health Commodities Management Agency Law, which ensures the regulated distribution of genuine drugs across Abia State, Rt Hon Augustine Okezie hinted, were the major Legislative highlights of the first Legislative Year of the 8th House.

Also, the expungement of a section of the House Rules which made only Ranking Members eligible for the position of Speaker and Deputy Speaker, the Umuana Ibeku born politician hinted, was another milestone for the 8th Assembly, given the fact that it was at variance with the provisions of Nigeria’s Constitution.

Rt Hon Augustine Okezie also stated that though 20 out of 24 Members of the 8th Assembly were First Timers, the level of maturity exhibited thus far has been exceptional adding that since security is one of the major parameters used to measuring success in governance, the Abia State Homeland Security Bill, H. A. B of 2024 and the Abia State Security Fund Bill, H.A.B 15 of 2024 are receiving accelerated attention.

On what Abians should expect going forward, Rt Hon Augustine Okezie said the foundation laid within the First Year shall be built upon, stating further the resolve of the 8th Assembly to ensure the interest of Abians shall remain paramount in their Legislations.