Dear Governor Alex Otti, Come Over to Obohia And Be of Help: An Open Letter to Governor Alex Otti, OFR.



Your Excellency Dr Alex Chioma Otti, Governor Abia State, you have started very well by showing good intent, class and panache, showing a clear departure from past political shenanigans, an indication of a man who came prepared and ready to folds sleeves and get digging. More powers sir. More powers.

The intent of this open letter is to bring to your notice the plight of residents of Obohia Road in Aba, Abia State.

Good enough is the most recently passed Greater Aba Development Authority Law by the Abia State House of Assembly, which is believed shall add impetus on the need to build a Cosmopolitan City out of Aba North, Aba South, Ugwunagbo, Osisioma and Obingwa Local Government Areas. The essence of this Law, your truly believes can be test run through the revamping of Obohia Road, owing to it’s strategic position.

Putting the facts straight, there are over 1.5million people living in Obohia if the correct data, via Census of that area is conducted and collated.

Dear Governor Alex Otti, if by chance you know the plight of people living in the Obohia axis of the Aba Metropolis pass through, let alone there are signs the rains are on it’s way again, g’emeere ndi bi ebe ahu ebere.

Somewhat somehow, it would not be wrong to opine those living within and around Obohia hear about Government but are yet to feel how it works or even what it is.

Humongous monies were bandied as to having been deployed viz a viz the much talked about ‘caterpillar revolution’ of previous administrations, so much so that ndi Obohia jubilated then. As it is said on the streets, all na wash.

Then, Hon Obinna Ichita , the immediate past Member who represented Aba South State Constituency in the Abia State House of Assembly was almost the lone voice in the wilderness, highlighting that heavy funds were earmarked for the Obohia among other roads but alas, those monies developed wings and flew away.

Evidently, Hon Ichita had hard facts but keypad warlords felt they won when they shouted him down and called him all manners of names.

Now the rains are gradually setting in, Obohians are set for another round of misery.

As a soccer buff, anytime Enyimba FC is doing their thing and the rains pour, there will be heard another round of anthem which begins with a clarion call from the Columbian Stand: “choi! Ndi Obohia e!!!” Immediately, from all corners of the stadium, chants of “Ndi Obohia Alawala! Ndi Obohia Lawanu! Unu gikwa Ugbo Epeepe ndi Obohia!!!!

Dear Governor, you are full fledged Igbo. I refuse to accept that you need an interpreter or transliteration to grapple with the picture painted above.

If it is true you have said Obohia is next to feel your love for humanity, please hasten.

Maka ndi Bubuyaya, I do not live in Obohia but I I have first hand experience with regards to how bad it has been there for decades. Biko, as King David normally puts it when crying for help, I have chosen to say it in Igbo: “Agbala Nkiti. Mee Ngwangwa bia nyere anyi aka”.

Posterity shall be kind to you if you do.

May the blessings be.



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