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The kind of criticism on political office holders has become too trivialized, puerile as it is infantile, with spasms of gutter language, oozing of liquid hate. This is disgusting and does not speak well of one’s intelligence quotient.

Political differences should not translate to invidious and mischievous hate. Sanity is affected when facts are substituted with slanted and jaundiced opinions.

Though some politicians might not have helped matters, criticisms, most profoundly speaking, should be constructive with a view to setting the agenda for improved political participation targeted at engendering good governance.

If the ones we once hailed as political Messiahs are now slaughtered in the slab of kwashiokored criticism, possibly for the fact that our nests are not feathered to the extent we would have desired, possibly out of insatiable greed, we are worse than those we condemn.

If we become ‘critics’ because our palms have not been greased, we are worse than armed robbers. When we damage another’s image simply to be viewed as ‘loyal’, who then is worse than a hired assassin?

When we malign a person, who has hitherto being at peace with us, simply because we feel threatened by the victim’s presence, fertilized by the luciferous disposition of ‘k’anyi rupu onye a’, loosely translated to let us get him out of the way, we are worse than timid cowards, who do not see the sky as large enough to accommodate every bird.

Funny enough, those we do everything to emasculate most of the times, like the Phoenix, rise from the ashes, truth unveiled and our faces lowered in shame. We become troubled, with our conscience dealing heavy blows on us because it becomes obvious we have wronged someone.

He who betrays and sells his brother will never be trusted by the buyer, who in turn tactically relegates the modern day Judas in the cesspool of nuisance.

Remember to query yourself, that is, if your conscience is still alive with these posers:
*Is what I am talking about or about to utter the truth?
*Is it also fair to conscience?
*When karma comes calling, what will be my lot?
*Am I worse than the one I am devilishly maligning?

Please, pause and ponder.

(c) Henry Ibn-Madubuike


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