Hon Nkeiruka Onyejeocha, please let Rt Hon Benjamin Kalu be…CEPG begs



We have watched with keen interest the infantile meddlesomeness of Nigeria’s Minister of State for Labour and Employment, Hon Nkeiruka Chidubem Onyejocha and her sponsored minions against the Deputy Speaker, House of Representatives, Federal Republic of Nigeria, Rt Hon Benjamin Kalu and wish to categorically warn that any more of such vituperation shall be reciprocated and assiduously resisted by any means necessary.

In as much as Rt Hon Benjamin Kalu has refused to join issues with anyone given his usual gentlemanly nature and focused on serving Nigeria diligently by providing leadership and making the All Progressives Congress more attractive particularly in the South East, one wonders why the Deputy Speaker is now an object of invidious attack by persons who were hitherto believed to be partners in progress and in the same trenches, politically speaking.

Whereas the disposition of Hon Onyejeocha’s poise is now percieved to be confusionist in all ramifications, it is still laughable why such tilt should be channeled towards Rt Hon Kalu, who is busy demonstrating leadership and legislative competence, putting Nigeria in the front burner in Africa’s political echelon.

Wherever or whoever is engineering this hate against Rt Hon Benjamin Kalu must have his/her sanity reexamined, now that Ndi Igbo has found in Rt Hon Kalu a leader worth trusting and a sincere bridge builder via her aspirations, collectively as a people, who has visibly made sacrifices towards the socio-political oneness of Nigeria.

Power belongs to God and He gives to whoever He pleases and one wonders what exactly anybody can point at as the wrong done by Rt Hon Kalu, who selflessly put himself forward to serve humanity.

Nevertheless, the cantankerous inuendo of meddlesome interlopers shall not deter whatever God has destined for anyone. Albeit, it is pitiful that a prophet has no honour in his homeland but shall have a reversal in the case of Utabiri Bende.

Happily, Rt Hon Benjamin Kalu has been accepted across Party lines as the new force, fresh baked bastion of the Igbo Renaissance following the quantum of solidarity and spring of synergy he has so far received and calls on all and sundry to refuse the machinations of selfish persons and open enemies of Ndi Igbo with a view to joining hands with him in making demands that shall translate to the repositioning of Ndi Igbo and foster a more strengthened integrative unification of all interests and nationalities.

Meanwhile, it sparks of Jezebelic wickedness to deploy the tool of gender inequality as a manipulative machinery after fermenting trouble in the night and cry victim in the day. The antic is far too outdated and obviously predictable. No wonder the saying in Igbo: “onye banye n’ohia gbuo, o puts n’uzo juwa onye n’egbu!” Only those with a devilish expertise in witchery deploy such satanic means. God is still the greatest!

Finally, the Centre for Excellence and Performance in Governance, CEPG, shall not sit and watch anyone under any guise and no matter how highly placed throw spanners to the wheel of progress so far made by this gentleman and dare say it is shameful that it is Brutus who is spearheading the betrayal of Ceasar.

Live and let live but it shall be a taboo for one to allow a fellow man destroy him.

Obiara ogbu Rt Hon Benjamin Kalu gbuokwa onwe ya! He that wants to sacrifice the innocent to evil spirits shall falter and instead, use his head to appease the gods!

Henry Onyema Madubuike
Centre For Excellence and Performance in Governance.


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