Hon Nnamdi Ibekwe highlights on the Igbo entrepreneurial principle of ‘Aku Ruo Ulo’… commissions a One-Stop Event Centte



On December 25, 2023, I had the honour of attending the grand opening of Ebiri Connect’s One-stop centre, igbere —an impressive achievement brought to fruition by the collective efforts of young individuals who pooled resources together. In celebrating this epitome of a remarkable Igbo principle of *aku ruo ulo*, I took the opportunity to commend their dedication and encouraged further investments in diverse sectors within the constituency, notably in the agricultural sector.

During my address, I highlighted the multifaceted opportunities embedded in the agriculture value chain. From the establishment of micro and macro industries that will engage in processing, packaging, marketing, and sales to even export; the agricultural sector holds the key to, not just local prosperity but also broader economic dimensions. I inspired the audience to recognise and also tap into the vast potentials within this sector.

As I eulogized the entrepreneurial spirit of Ebiri Connect, I urged not only them but also fellow constituents and non-constituents to explore the abundant opportunities in Bende North. I equally stressed the significance of leveraging these opportunities for wealth creation and income generation, emphasizing the role each individual can play in the people’s development.

This event served as a platform to sow seeds of inspiration and economic empowerment, aligning with the values upheld by Ebiri Connect. In our collective journey, I encouraged all present to be catalysts for positive change, reflecting the ideals of being both salt and light in Umunna.

The grand opening was more than just an event; it was a celebration of unity, entrepreneurship, and the potential for transformative growth within Bende North. May the endeavours of Ebiri Connect continue to shine brightly, lighting the way for others to follow suit. As we move forward, let us embrace the spirit of *aku ruo ulo* and collectively contribute to the prosperity of our people and beyond.

Oziomachi Media Team
*We chose to be salt and light*…


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