Igbo and her values… Degradation and Neglect


A Response to El-Pappy Kadash Anya’s post on Igbo and neglect of her cultural/metaphysical existence and degradation of values.

Well, I will not tilt towards the ‘injustices meted out on the Igbos’ as hinted by Amanyanabo-Marleek because it is also obvious that the greatest undoing of Ndi Igbo is Ndi Igbo, who have become Brutus to their own Caesar, but on the deliberate neglect or disconnect between what makes us, us which we have fruitlessly tried to do in the name of modernisation.

In one of my philosophical wanderings, Morning Musings of a Thinker, I did highlight that till we begin reminiscing and digging deeper into realities that stare us in the face, ihe n’ile anyi n’eme wu complete barbash!

How can a people deliberately lose themselves and values which make them the envy of nations in the pursuit of rancid frivolous enterprise?

Ohi, aru na mpu are now celebrated as achievements yet the level of abysmal diminishing inspite the misnomer have not taught us any lessons.

When a labourer for example, bukwa a mixture of cement and sand in a head pan n’ishi forgets his hussle and begins relishing and fantasize over otule nwa nwanyi, when a pastor sodomizes a young boy in his congregation, when a married woman freely throws her thighs open to a man in the name of ‘there is just a connection between us I cannot deny’, yet condemn me as onye Ekpe, Akang or even of the Reformed Ogboni Fraternity who honours the sacredness of Mother Earth, then we are a people lost in ignorance.

When we pay hugely to travel to ‘holy lands’ of Jerusalem and Mecca but neglect our ‘ihu mkpu’ tagging it ancestor or even idol worship, forgetting that a day will come when we too shall become ancestors, then we are miserable and most to be pitied.

Thank you Ikenna for making me remember one of my first books as a Philosophy Undergraduate then, “Footmarks of African Philosophy”.

I have refused to accept the fooling mist of deciet called normalcy. Non-Conformism is my thing and only non-conformists say no to dogma and status quo, under any guise.

Ekwere m ekwe! Ishi agbajaala m!


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