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The angst of religious persons is the refusal of some to ‘worship’ God according to their own terms, that is, one must know God to the extent they dictate, not according to one’s personal discoveries and experience.

They refuse to appreciate the undeniable that God can manifest Himself to different persons in different ways and at a time that best suits His divine will.

Cain! Yes Cain. Who was his wife? Stop panicking! Think. He killed Abel yet God forbade any man from laying a finger on him. God marked him an untouchable yet inspired Moses via ‘an eye for an eye’! That is, God encouraged retaliation but also asked that you forgive your brother 70 multiplied by 70 times a day! Same God, same circumstance but different decrees at different times!

Heard of Lilith? Heard of Luluwa? Dig in! Find out for yourself who Lilith was to Adam and Luluwa to Abel! Henry is lost! Isn’t he?

Another angle, the way He revealed Himself to Moses, Elijah, Elisha and Jehu were not the same way He manifested to John the Beloved, Daniel and even Gideon, who an angel described as ‘mighty man of valoir’ but was still a ‘fear fear’ man before his time of renaissance came.

Rahab, through whose genealogy Jesus came was an individual of high libido like Mary Magdalene, who still washed the feet of Jesus with a very expensive perfume! No be dem people described as prostitutes? Dig further and find out for yourself who Mary Magdalene was to Jesus!

Was David not an ‘agbero’? Three hundred street urchins he pandered to later became the 300 mighty men of Israel but the high and mighty were not reckoned with. Urchins leading nobility!

He also lusted after Bathsheba, killed her husband, hijacked the woman and made her his wife. The fruit was King Solomon, the wealthiest and wisest man who ever lived. Same wisest and wealthiest dude frolicked with a whooping 1000 women!

Pharaoh’s daughter gave Moses the name he bore till his death, not his parents. It is public knowledge that the name, Moses, means ‘drawn from the waters’. Today, Moses would have been made to pass through innumerable ‘deliverance’ sessions because he would have been said to be massively possessed by ‘legions of marine spirits’!

Would it not be apt to wonder and still query the role of women, lewd mainly, in the shaping of destiny? What is it about the allure of conjugation even amongst the so called holy?
Answer: the immoral could be the saint’s sacred feminine!

Moses was a murderer.

Read the Book of Jasher! Remember, ‘who made you a judge between I and my brother. Have you come to kill me the way you killed…’?

If you were in Moses’ shoes, would you stand the sight of a man being tied by a fellow man and his wife raped in his presence? What would you have done? Scamper away in idiotic cowardice?

Hosea was a prophet, a holy man, still God asked him to marry a prostitute! A prophet? Is Henry Ibn-Madubuike not running mad this morning?

What is the meaning of Lucifer? Pray, would you not want to be, without prejudice, as powerfully configured as he was? ‘Son of the Morning’, ‘Morning Star’? Have you ever imagined the force behind the meaning of the name? He still became Satan because he wanted to. Yet, he was one of the sons of God! “When the sons of God gathered, Satan was among them!” Read the Book of Job.

Can you stand an angel? Can you stand a Cherub? Four faced? You? Imagine a being with a body full of eyes? Yet a celestial being? Will you not start ‘casting and binding’, begin some pseudo spiritual linguistic gymnastics that you were taught in your church by a man who sleeps with other people’s wife or even a homosexual when you spot one, that is if life is not drained off you when you actually do?

‘And an evil spirit from the Lord tormented Saul!’! Haha! Evil spirit? From the Lord? In your little mind, that is hypocrisy. No. Apostasy!

The man who compiled King James version of the Bible also wrote Demonology! Do you know? Have you bothered to glance through the works of LW DeLaurence? Chai! This Henry is lost. He is a whore! But I speak and ‘your body de sweet you join’ abi? You love my whoredom in your privacy but spit in hypocrisy publicly!

Ok, mount a speed boat, in the middle of the sea and the boat develops a fault. Begin hollering ‘mami water power, powerless power’!

It came this way this morning!

Meanwhile, salute to dispassionate teacher and accomplished scholar, Sir John Pedro Irokansi PhD!

Good morning!


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