Inspired by Onyeze Henry Ndukwe Orji’s opinion.

Recent happenings in Africa, politically, economically, educationally and even spiritually has consistently evoked mixed feelings but has pointedly focused on a very empirical glaring reality that only a hypocrite might attempt to muster any form of artificial courage to debunk or disparage.

Rights, be they moral or ethical can form the basis of some sort of logical argument but these arguments, if based on some neo colonialist colouration shall be deemed to be aggressively jaundiced, given the fact that what was brought to Africa, in all fairness, has
been tainted with massive deceit and a kind of garnished with a manipulative brigandage.

The value system of the African society, which they presented as crude and primitive, but filled with wisdom of the ancients, objectively speaking, has been eroded with very corrosive misconceptions, so much so that humanity as a whole is headed dooms-way if Africa does not take the driving seat.

Presently, across the Globe, African spirituality seems to be the only route to the much preached emancipation from this evident manipulative slavery.

For example, they claimed they brought civilization and godliness to Africa, yet, lure Africans to accept gay marriages as part of their modernist tilt and condemning polygamy, even when no single phrase, line or otherwise of the “Holy Scripture” never in any form opined so.

But as a spiritual Africans, they tag us crude or worse. Some even say we are Mammy Water worshippers because we align with the incontrovertible fact that the foundations of this world is in the waters. Study Genesis Chapter 1vs1-2 and Psalm 24vs1-2!

Today, within the political strata, Francophone countries are leading the revolution of damning the West as represented by France,viz a viz cutting off all ties with the vestiges of neo colonial corruption and doing so via the strength and use of force which the Universe had before the creation of the world, bestowed upon Africa.

This morning, Africa struck in Gabon and believe it or yes, Nigeria is jittery, given the fact that obviously, what the instrument of the satanised West foisted on the land in the name of a product of democratisation is nothing but an affront to the collective will of the people.

From hence, damn West and all it represents!

Remember Majek Fashek? Arise from your sleep, Africa! He was among the prophets who saw tomorrow but Nostradamus meant more to some. Even the Biafran Prophet, Nnamdi Kanu, who against all known parameters of the justice system is still held in the gulag of West inspired ‘democratic process’.

Today, Thomas Sankara has ressurected and as the living sage, Johnpedro Nnamdi Irokansi put it, “who in his rightful senses would want to argue that reincarnation is not real, with what is happening in Burkina Faso, after over 30 years of Sankara’s assassination”?

Are these days not brand new days with brand new ways in the offing? Are ‘rebels not emerging everyday?

Welcome all over, the Continent of the Black Race, the Land of the Deep, People of the Spirit.

Remember the lyrics of Mandators of blessed memories: “This is a brand new day. We want a brand new way. Them say man be rebel, everyone go rebel. Them say man be rebel, one day man go rebel”.

Maybe tomorrow, Gabon, Niger, Burkina Faso, Chad and Mali shall visit Nigeria!

Now, is Africa finally awake?
Is Africa now ready to take back Africa?
Is the black race now ready to put a final stop to this sheepish rat race and vehemently refuse to be used as experimental Guinea pigs? The vampires are not willing to stop their pastime of bloodsucking.

This is a battle for survival. Who is in?


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