A Trade Union or Labour Union, for purposes of information and further enlightenment, simply referred to as a Union, is an organization of workers intent on “maintaining or improving the conditions of their employment”, viz a viz attaining better wages and benefits, improving the working conditions, improving safety standards, establishing complaint procedures, developing rules governing status of employees and PROTECTING AND INCREASING THE BARGAINING POWER OF WORKER.

This discourse would be incomplete without hinting that Unionism is a set of political principles based on the idea that two or more political or national units should be joined or remain together.

Also, the act or instance of uniting or joining two or more things into one, especially the formation of a single political unit, from two or more separate individual units can be termed as a UNION, which thus, enhances the policies and practices enacted for themselves, particularly those concerned with PROTECTING AND FURTHERING THE RIGHTS OF WORKERS.

Furthermore, it becomes necessary to hint that those ‘policies and practices’, rules as they may be termed are binding on its members, simplicita.

The Parliamentary Staff Association of Nigeria, PASAN for short, is an umbrella body that regulates and coordinates the activities of workers in the National Assembly, National Assembly Service Commission, State Houses of Assembly, State Houses of Assembly Service Commission, Public Complaints Commission, Nigerian Institute of Legislative Studies and other Legislative bodies as approved by the Constitution of PASAN.

This piece shall not go deep into the concept of separation of powers as it relates to the Arms of Government namely; the Executive, Legislature and Judiciary because it is common knowledge and hence, shall not be over flogged.

Now, to the kernel of the discourse.

The ongoing verification exercise, embarked upon by the Abia State Government, under the administration of Governor Alex Chioma Otti is a welcome development, whole and entire, which has been whole heartedly applauded by persons and groups of conscience, which the Parliamentary Staff Association of Nigeria, Abia State House of Assembly Chapter is and remains in the forefront because of its wholesome benefits, mainly as pertains to encouraging frugality and the total blockage of all manners of waste.

Anybody who advertently or otherwise, tries to present PASAN as being at cross purposes with this noble venture is an enemy of everything Democracy stands for, of which the Parliament is it’s beacon of hope and light.

However, what is good for the goose must equally be seen as also good for the gander, as the Parliament should not, and ought not be treated as a mere appendage of any other arm, either perceptively or otherwise, after all, perception, many have argued, like attitude, is everything.

For example, the Judicial Arm of Government in Abia State has been accorded it’s full appurtenances and paraphernalia, in view of the ongoing verification exercise, as theirs, from every available information, is scheduled to be held distinctively, within that Institution. That alone is a sign of goodwill and respect for the independence of the ARM.

Same level of respect, without mincing words or sounding immodest should also be extended to the Abia State House of Assembly and in all fairness, not too much to be asked, as the Law establishing the Abia State House of Assembly Service Commission has long been accented to, anticipating the inauguration of it’s Board, which is believed, without delay, based on the fact that Governor Alex Otti, a full fledged Democrat, shall give same it’s well deserved attention and necessary action.

The resolve of PASAN, Abia State House of Assembly Chapter, to press home these harmless and well deserved demands must be saluted, though must also be compelled to wield the big stick on recalcitrant members, even very senior persons, who ordinarily should be in the fore of driving home these demands but chose to flout same, after all, the Union is supreme and disregard to it’s tenets and rules must be handled for what it is: an invidious affront.

Finally, the Abia State House of Assembly deserves respect and as championed by the Parliamentary Staff Association of Nigeria, must also be viewed from the prism of demanding for fairness.

Solidarity forever.

Henry Madubuike
(Public Affairs Analyst)


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