Onye Omere Amarala: A Tale of Political ‘Junketeers’ and their Modus.


ONYE OMERE AMARALA: A Tale of Political’Junketeers’ and their Modus.

The gale of defections from the PDP particularly in Abia State shows that something was inherently wrong within, though the faithful tried to manage the anomaly.

Seemingly or otherwise, the Party was hijacked by hawks and wannabes who wanted to be overlords, deciding the fate of many, thus making the Party a private enterprise.

Today, the chicken has come home to roost and the gladiators who have found solace in other platforms are exhibiting what was amiss in their initial or former haven. There were cartels or better put, cabal. Some were for Paul and others, for Apollos.

Parties, hitherto described as “aghirigha Party” and “Party Awusa” have now become a band of angels, bed of roses and abode of the elites. Those who chanted “Papa Ukwu, ebe inwuru ka m g’anwu” no longer sought Papa Ukwu ‘s advice, describing him a spent force without recourse to the fact that the new broom might sweep faster but the old one knows the corners.

On the other side of the divide, known manipulators who schemed their ways to deceptive reckoning are at it again, showcasing that “agadi nwanyi anaghi aka nka n’egwu omaara agba”. Here, their dexterous dance steps is that of a conniving scheming deceit and unscrupulous manipulation.

All the aforementioned is the brand of politics that destroyed the PDP in Abia State and the characters are same, moving to another league or scheming to be signed by a new political Manchester City FC, because of monies from Abu Dhabi and not the prowess of Pep Guardiola!

They rant for fun, politick for their stomach and move on whenever the umbrella is worn out as a result of wear, tear and overuse. Most significantly, envy against some others contributed to the emasculation of the Party that once boasted it shall rule Nigeria for 60 years. This envy was orchestrated by pettiness given the fact that in this life, all fingers cannot be equal. Infantile spasms of comparison dug the grave of the Party. Take it and take it well.

Every moron tags himself a ‘politician’ because “mechanic ekweghi anyi mara ndi bu ndi ara”. Every monkey prides in idiocy, with the toga of “Honourable”. Umu korofo with nothing in their arsenal now try their putrid and stenchy wit on war tested Generals. Little wonder yours truly pander towards this wise saying, though in Pidgin English, “who no come, no go know…”

And I dare to unequivocally add: “stop pricing if you do not have the capacity to pay”. NO PRICE, NO PAY.

We watch and observe their antics because as it is said in the political parlance within the Abia setting, “onye omere amarala”.

Jisienu ike, ndi ogwara m ozo eme ozo and beware, ndi acho n’abia. At the end, “onye obula kwere nu, mee nu ha”!

Emeela gi? Your answer is good as yours.

Refuse the shenanigans of meddlesome interlopers and unscrupulous manipulative irritants. They means no political party any good. They are leeches. Parasites all.



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