Oziomachi and Empowering Education in Pan Bende North Constituency


“Oziomachi’s Impact: Empowering Education in Pan Bende North Constituency”

In a well-attended event, the lawmaker representing Bende North Constituency, Abia State, Hon. Ibekwe Nnamdi Chimdi, launched the Pan Bende North Constituency Education Endowment Fund aimed at supporting students across all schools in the constituency. The lawmaker expressed his vision to eliminate the dropout syndrome among students in the constituency due to financial constraints. He emphasized that through the establishment of the endowment fund and its judicious application, no student, particularly those from underprivileged backgrounds, would be deprived of education

The principals of Alayi Senior and Junior Secondary Schools, Mrs. Nnenna Ndukwe and Mrs. Mary Madubuike, respectively, expressed their sincere gratitude to the lawmaker for his recent visit and the positive impact he has made within the school and the entire Bende North community. They commended the lawmaker for his unwavering support and acknowledged the love and encouragement he has shown to the school.

Mrs. Nnenna Ndukwe, in her remarks, emphasized the commitment of the teachers and students to uphold excellence in teaching and learning. She assured that the light of Oziomachi will continue to shine brightly and that the standards of excellence set by the school will be maintained with dedication and perseverance.

Additionally, Mrs. Mary Madubuike, representing the principal of Alayi Science school, extended her heartfelt appreciation for the lawmaker’s visit and the generous scholarship opportunities provided. She highlighted the profound impact of the lawmaker’s support on the educational pursuits of the students and expressed gratitude on behalf of the entire school community.

The principals collectively conveyed their deep appreciation and pledged to uphold the values of academic excellence and positive development, ensuring that the lawmaker’s contributions continue to positively impact the educational landscape of the region.

Similarly, Engr. P. K. Okpara, Chairman of the Alayi Education Scholarship Foundation, expressed profound appreciation for the lawmaker’s remarkable commitment to education. He remarked, “Your actions today mark an unprecedented milestone in the history of representation in Bende North. It is evident that your genuine passion for the development of Umunna shines through, recognizing education as the cornerstone of progress.”
This sentiment was echoed by Mr. John Baron, a member of the Alayi Education Scholarship Foundation, and Hon. Elijah Amaonwu, the Secretary of the Alayi Development Union, both of whom expressed their gratitude to Dr. Ibekwe.

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