Philos-Henry. Energy of Kpo in the school of Ra


The energy you have been given is at work in you. That is the reason behind the attraction people have for you.

They cannot handle or understand it. That is why they are pulled to you.

Use it judiciously. Use it wisely. It is only those who do not comprehend it that tilt majorly towards the animalistic: sex.

If it must happen, let it be because you are helplessly broken, that is, there is nothing you can do about it, absolutely. But there shall be consequences.

If you say yes to everyone, you lose everything to everyone, left with no essence, no value, no power.

Same power, you must not surrender to any shallow mind. Keep and guard your powers, the out-pour of emotions.

Do not feel on top of the world because of the attention you get almost everywhere you go. Some have very dark and contaminating aura and vibrations.

I see you.

(c) Henry Onyema Madubuike


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