It is inescapable that whatsoever man does on earth finds it’s way back to him at some point in this life, that is, receiving in same measure, or more, of whatever we mete out to another.

Explicitly, it becomes germane to put into consideration that we do not live for now alone. In Igbo cosmology, as it is universally too, a nomenclature there is, that encapsulates the uncertainty of tomorrow, hence the need to live right and good in the now, so as to put in check that inescapable uncertainty, lest the spirit comes and goes, like the Yoruba Abiku, which is replicated in the Igbo cosmology as Ogbanje.

Echi Di Ime or Onyemaechi aptly captures this reality. Tanimola in Yoruba, same as the Igbo Onyemaechi hinges it’s mystique in the dilemma of this uncertainty, drawing man’s attention to the fact that need there is, to be forthright, upright and truthful, so as to energize determinism, that the consequences of coming and going, which disorganizes conceptual stability viz a viz the journey to the Plane Physical, is steadied and strength, conserved.

Why distort Life when one can live just now?

Everyone has a Chi, personal, which somewhat determines who we are and what we become, thus, man must strive to align with this Chi, so as not being fatally futile in our endeavors, hence we must agree with same Chi, in being progressive, guaranteeing the attraction on good aura and all manners of positivity hence the saying, Onye kwe, Chi ya ekwe, transliterated to mean that when one says yes, his chi will also concur.

Given the fact that the physical man has a limited level of knowledge, it will be most logically cohesive to deduce that aligning with one’s chi, which draws it’s being from the Chi Ukwu, that is, Mighty God, self endowed with Omniscience, Sochima, Only God Knows, becomes the only escape route to this negative energy of coming and going and it’s erosion of life force as a kind of punishment, targeted at purification till Right is achieved.

Now, who are you? Do you know your chi? What actually is using you? Are you in the course of an inconsistent rigmarole, coming and going, distorting and disturbing the flow of life, burdening creation?

The spiritual controls the physical. Spiritual is SPIRIT and RITUAL. Do you not know that this world is the world of THIS and THAT, CAUSE and EFFECT, SOWING and REAPING?

Do you know you are who and what you attract? So, what are you drawing to yourself?

If this is a WORLD WITHOUT END, EBIGHIEBI in Igbo Worldview, how do we intend to embark on the journey of endlessness? By coming and going without fulfilment or being frontal in finding purpose, spiritually first, which in turn guarantees successful stability in the World Causal?

Have you ever asked yourself, ‘ibiara gini ebea’? What actually are you here for?

It takes truth and diligence to embark on the journey of the search for and of truth. Find for yourself or the counterfeit will be found for you and the coming and going, the Journey of Counterfeit, ‘Adigboroja’ becomes your pastime.

Thank you, Sir John Pedro Irokansi for indirectly pushing this insight. This was inspired by your admonishing, a morning or two ago, that “Onye Obula Nwere Ihe N’agwa Ya Okwu”, that is, we all have something that speaks to us!


Henry Onyema Madubuike


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