South East Development Commission and Rt Hon Benjamin Kalu as a Flagship of a Revolutionizing Henry Madubuike


For purposes of information and education, a Development Commission means an entity which has the authority to improve, develop, purchase or even lease land, or the authority to operate or direct the use of land.

Furthermore, there is no Government, comprehensively speaking, which exists in the peripheral, hence land becomes the crux of whatsoever a Development Commission deals on and with, implicitly or otherwise.

Circumstances, man made or artificial, can necessitate the creation or establishment of a Development Commission to cushion the effects of debilitating circumstances which led to the erosion of the development process and growth quotient.

Before now, there seemingly were attempts to establish the South East Development Commission viz a viz the near annihilation of the entire Igbo race, which as presently configured, the South East Geo-political Zone of Nigeria but the grit, panache and finesse to push through accompanying debates where at non appreciable level.

This is not in anyway postured to ridicule or demean past efforts but to highlight and commend creativity, cohesion, responsiveness, responsibility and the proverbial wave of the olive branch and the much orchestrated cliche of a handshake across the bridge.

The above, succintly and lucidly too, showcase the inroads of dynamism personified and intelligence amplified as concerns the efforts made by Rt Hon Benjamin Kalu , Deputy Speaker, Federal House of Representatives, Federal Republic of Nigeria, to propose and push the Bill in the Federal Legislature to a logical conclusion.

Citing the agony and damaging socio-economic effects of the 1967-1970 ethnic cleansing which came in the colouration of ‘Nigeria Civil Wat’ shall be tantamount to the reopening of old wounds, which might also, advertently or otherwise, trigger unpleasant sentiments, which unabashedly might heat up the polity and finally, to no one’s benefit.

It is very pleasing to know that the Red Chambers of the Nigerian Legislature is lending it’s Legislative echo to ensuring both Chambers are in tandem, striking a cohesive force.

The benefits of the South East Development Commission are enormous as even a neophyte has been, if not for anything, told the Tale of 20
Pounds and how a people, who were targeted to be wiped off existence, sprouted forward like the Phoenix.

Rt Hon Benjamin Kalu must be applauded across the south East and Nigeria at large for this bold initiative, many decades after the pogrom, which highlights a personality trait of a Leader who has refused to toe the line of selfish allure and the pull towards personal aggrandizement.

Laud him or otherwise, the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu must also be appreciated for showing genuine concern and empathy for Ndi Igbo, hence the feelers he is eagerly waiting to give his Accent to the South East Development Commission Bill which is expeditiously and expectedly becoming an Act within the shortest possible time.

The zest, grit and diplomatic acumen of Rt Hon Kalu is a pointer to the positives of preparedness and shall be a reference point in the nearest future, via the necessity of suitability and eligibility in political participation, and a bundle of knowledge yet untapped.

The narrative is changing with the South East Development Commission advent as the Ndi Igbo would no longer be perceived as third class or even no class citizens and endangered species, who should and do have equal stake in National Discourse.

Most importantly, it is an altruism that the economic potentials of the South East are massively humongous and shall, if properly harnessed and deployed, propel the much needed quantum leap of the economy of Nigeria at large.

Need it be said the agitations and concerns of separatist tractions can also be doused given the fact that what is good for the goose is also good for the gander?

Need it be said the issues that bother on structural lopsidedness will also be addressed and development with it’s accompanying equity or equality shall also be a first line charge?

Must one be told there is need for political gladiators in the South East to que behind the dynamic Rt Hon Benjamin Kalu to drive the reposturing, restructuring and realignment of the South East to not only agitate but to reflect on when the rains poured down in torrents and now there is light in the horizon, now rains have seized and key into the grid of national politics?

Need dream hijackers be told that the days of their manipulations are over and also put on notice their gimmicks are out of fashion, that a beacon of hope and rallying point has emerged and selflessly so?

South East is already singing a new song. Rt Hon Benjamin Kalu leads from the front. Let all people of goodwill join forces with this repertoire and epitome of productivity and sagacity to drive the vision of Ala Igbo being the beautiful bride and rallying point for national cohesion.

Benjamin Kalu is the man.

Henry Madubuike is the convener of Centre for Excellence and Performance in Governance, CEPG and can be reached via [email protected].


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