When the righteous is on seat… Hon Kalu Mba Nwoke and Eti Okwe Grassroot Initiative


The miraculous manisfestation and effects of the biblical promise of ‘the people rejoicing when a righteous man is on seat’ is already evidenced and glaring in the pattern at which Hon. Chief Kalu Mba Nwoke,(Etiokwe) is committed in running a people-oriented representation for the good people, and by the good people of Ohafia South State Constituency.

It was never a doubt that Chief Nwoke shall be that leader the good people of Ohafia South State Constituency has yearned for to deliver the true definition of Dividends of Democracy without any fear of favour, like an Angel, he has come to stay.

History was made on Sunday, 8 October, 2023, when ‘Etiokwe Grassroots Initiative’ was officially inaugurated. A maiden event set to introduce a robust system made up of a league of diverse innovative solution experts drawn across all walks of life from Ohafia South State Constituency to be actively involved in decision-making, advisory board and control systems to ensure that He, Hon. Chief Kalu, properly present to the State Assembly, issues peculiar to the Constituency for effective and goal-oriented results.(Umu-anyi nini, nna wo si lu ‘nganga onyeani aniga adi akpa’) No wonder he was confered a Chieftency Title as ‘Okpotemba 1’.

We urge all constituents to actively queue in to this paradigm shift to reposition our society and recover all that has been lost during the years of unaccountable and poor representations.

We shall all live to enjoy and testify what that Lord has done for us through a man with a heart of gold, Hon. Chief Kalu Mba Nwoke, Etiokwe.

Long Live Hon. Chief Kalu Mba Nwoke, Etiokwe.!!!
Long Live Nde Ohafia South !!!
Long Live Abia State !!!
Long Live Nigeria!!!

Hon. Anya, Peter Ntima ✍🏿


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