Your Rights, Your Destiny”….. OZIOMACHI ADMONISHES



On Human Rights Day, let’s reflect on the fundamental principles that shape our shared humanity, our world.

Your rights pave the path to your destiny, and as Oziomachi Foundation, We emphasize the crucial role of protecting and promoting human rights.

Human rights are the bedrock of a just society, ensuring dignity, equality, and freedom for all. As we celebrate today, let us renew our commitment to upholding these rights, fostering inclusivity, and addressing challenges that hinder its realisation.

In Bende North, we stand united to create an environment where every individual’s rights are respected and protected. This commitment extends beyond legislation; it involves fostering a culture of understanding, empathy, and collaboration.

The phrase ” *Your Rights, Your Destiny*” resonates powerfully, highlighting the profound impact that promotion of fundamental rights have on shaping the future of the people. It underscores the idea that when individuals are empowered, their rights sacrosanct, they can take their destinies in own hands. Thereby contributing to the collective progress of our community and nation.

As we advocate for human rights, it is also important to know that liberation through education is a right; the same way the availability of food for every individual is also a fundamental right. And the lawmaker representing Bemde North Hon. Ibekwe Nnamdi sees education and food suffiency as inalianible rights of everyone in Umunna, he does only promote legislation on same, but has equally put mechanisms on the ground to ensure its actualisation. So, let us strive for justice, equity, fairness, and accountability. By doing so, we will build an egalitarian society where everyone can flourish, irrespective of background or circumstance.

Today, let us not only celebrate Human Rights Day but also commit ourselves to making these rights a reality for every person, leaving no one behind in the journey towards a more just and equitable world.

Oziomachi Media Team.


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