“Convert Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike to a Conventional University”… HENRY ONYEMA MADUBUIKE writes Rt Hon Benjamin Kalu


Open Letter to Rt Hon Benjamin Kalu , Deputy Speaker, Federal House of Representatives, Nigeria.


Sir, firstly, I most profoundly salute and congratulate you on your emergence as Deputy Speaker of Nigeria’s Federal House of Representatives. This is no mean feat and an eloquent testimony of your level of preparedness; mentally, physically, academically and even spiritually as your contributions since your entry into National politics have been nothing but top notch.

Moreso, you have become a beacon of hope to young Nigerians and an apostle of the need to position everyone in Nigeria as an integral part of socio-political masonry, viz a viz all and sundry joining hands to build a country where everyone will be proud to identify with. Without sounding too flowery, you have given younger Nigerians a kind of bragging rights to ventilate their opinions as such in due cause shall be reckoned with.

I am a Nigerian, from the South East geo-political Zone, Abia State to be specific and as such must have opinions, given the fact that one is gradually approaching an age where telling truth to power in a very decent and respectable manner has become a way of life. Truth remains sacred and as a conveyor and purveyor of truth, have refused to placate whoever through hypocritical pretences.

The South East Development Commission, which you ebulliently championed and the Peace in the South East Project (PISE-P) is an attestation that you know who you are, your history, thus conversant with where you are coming from.

Ndewo Ezi Nwa Ala Igbo Gburugburu.

Kindly permit that I go to the crux of this open letter.

The need for quality education cannot be swept under the carpet, most importantly the opening of new frontiers via making it’s assessibility sacrosanct.

The Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike is a Specialized University in line with the Act establishing same. It is welcome but
Conventional Universities have a wider scope of coverage and it’s benefits cannot also be trivialized.

Yours truly is sincerely not asking for too to request for the conversion or upgrading of the said University to a Conventional one because the generality of those seeking to study Professional Courses among others are now on the increase and sincerely asking for your intervention to amend the Act establishing MOUAU as it is fondly called.

Even the blind can see to the fact that you are among the powers that be and most importantly, having the ears of the POWER THAT IS in Nigeria.

You can make it work. You sir, can make same a reality.

Remember Mordecai? Remember his interaction with Esther? You have not forgotten, I strongly believe. Infact, permit that I put it to you that it is for a reason like this Divine Providence favoured you to be in such an elevated position in National politics.

You have the skills to convince anybody. Do it for those who earnestly seek this. Your colleagues in the Green Chambers of Abia extraction will not say no to this.

Biko, come over to Macedonia and help us achieve Michael Okpara University as a Conventional one.

Peace profound.

Yours faithfully,

Henry Onyema Madubuike

Cc: Distinguished Senator Augustine Akobundu

Distinguished Senator Enyinnaya Harcourt Abaribe

Distinguished Senator Orji Uzor Kalu

Representative Ginger Onwusibe
Representative Obi Aguocha
Representative Alexander Ikwuechegh
Representative Amobi Godwin Ogah
Representative Chris Nkwonta
Representative Munachim Hon Munachim Ikechi Alozie
Representative Ibe Okwara Osonwa


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