“It is your Right to demand and insist on your Right….Abia Deputy Speaker charges Abians.


Research shows that human rights are moral principles or norms for certain standards of human behavior and are regularly PROTECTED in municipal and international laws.

Furthermore, they are commonly understood as inalienable, fundamental rights to which a “person is inherently entitled simply because he or she is a human being and which are inherent in all human beings, regardless of their age, ethnic origin, location, language, religion, ethnicity or any other status”.

The above unequivocally shows that anything that contravenes such rights becomes a crime and in all intents and purposes, against even God and thus, unacceptable and MUST be vehemently resisted.

As your servant, I had solemnly sworn to do what must be done to see to the protection of these rights as naturally, I have always stood against all forms of oppression and intimidation even in it’s minutest form.

Ndi Umuahia East and Ndi Abia at large, rest assured that the 8th Abia State House of Assembly is the people’s Assembly and WILL NOT succumb to anything whatsoever that will trample on your rights.

You have the Right to live, to express yourself constructively, associate according to the provisions of the law, to be free and I must add, to contribute to the development of our dear Abia State.

Moreso, let us not forget that where our rights to stretch forth our fists end is where another’s, to defend his nose begin.

Rights are reciprocal. It is our right to demand and insist on our right!

God bless Abia State.

Rt Hon Augustine Okezie
Deputy Speaker
8th Abia State House of Assembly.


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